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WE HAVE RECEIPTS . . . Kappa League Alumnus . . . Stephon Slater Director of Creative Content for Women's Basketball, Longwood University

Updated: Mar 22

Longwood women's basketball coach Erika Lang-Montgomery announced the addition of Longwood graduate Stephon Slater to the staff. Slater joins the Lancer women's basketball program as the team's Director of Creative Content. "Having Stephon join our program this season has truly been valuable," Lang-Montgomery said. "He tells our team's story through his artistic creativity". Lancer Nation will be able to stay connected to our program in real time. It was a piece we had been missing. A graduate of Longwood in '23 with his bachelor's in photography, Slater worked as a student with both basketball programs during his time in school. In 2022, he was awarded College Photographer of the Year Gold in Illustration by the University of Missouri. He also earned a Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Undergraduate Fellowship in March 2022.He spent time working at the Longwood Center for Visual Arts while a student at Longwood, and the LCVA purchased one of his works, titled My Senior Epilogue. In addition, he helped with a variety of exhibitions as well. Slater has also worked as a freelance photographer and videographer in both Hampton and Virginia Beach.

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