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WE HAVE RECEIPTS . . .Kappa League Alumnus Jaylen Cherry Head Chef of The Depeaux Restaurant in Independence, LA

In May, former Kappa Leaguer and Kappa Cardinal Jaylen Cherry was awarded his Bachelor of Science Degree in Food Service Managment from Johnson and Wales University in Charlotte, NC. He had earned an associate degree in culinary arts two years earlier. His culinary and food service management skills did not go unnoticed during his tenure in the Charlotte restaurant circuit. So much so that last week he was snatched from the Queen city to become Head Chef at The Depeaux Restaurant in Independence, LA. Within a day of his arrival, he led his team of Chef's to win a local restaurant cooking competition involving ten area restaurants. Imagine that. He's gone from cooking "Gourmet Hot Dogs" at the Kappa Cardinals Concession Stand to winning a Cajun Cuisine competition.

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